Technology and Privacy at Home

June 28th, 2013
The recent spill of a massive government surveillance program in the United States has brought up a number of questions about the relationship between technology and privacy. While the myth of online privacy has been debunked numerous times, it’s a surprise to many that the biggest threat to privacy may come from government itself. Can we expect privacy in our communications regardless of the tools we use, or has this become an outdated concept in a world where information has taken on a life of its own? The man behind the leaks, Edward Snowden, says he leaked information on government surveillance systems as a way to safeguard privacy and individual liberty. Snowden’s story could come straight out of Hollywood, full of government secrets, international intrigue, and spy networks that stretch around the globe. Unlike the movies, however, it’s not just the bad guys who are being spied upon, but potentially anyone who has a telephone or uses the Internet. According to Snowden, “Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded,” by the National Security Agency (NSA), both in the United States and beyond. Millions of people around the world share personal information daily on the Internet,…

How much sleep do we really need?

June 21st, 2013

Sleep is essential for life, with the amount of shut-eye we get affecting our health, productivity, and emotional stability. Depending on your age, health, and individual ne eds, it is possible to sleep from as little as four hours a night to as many as eighteen. For something that accounts for so much of our time on planet Earth, it […]

Making Sense of Chinese Growth

June 14th, 2013

The state of the Chinese economy continues to influence local decisions, as politicians and business leaders attempt to ride the Chinese Dragon without getting burned. China has experienced massive growth since 2003, with the local Australian economy increasingly dependent on the speed, sustainability, and scope of Chinese investment. While there has been definite advantages to our ongoing relationship with China, […]

The Truth about Coffee

June 14th, 2013

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with millions of people consuming it every morning as a way to kick-start their day. Despite its massive popularity, however, the positive and negative health effects of coffee can be hard to define and even harder to agree upon. Is coffee really as bad for us as some reports […]

How the Australian Dream is Changing

June 7th, 2013

Australian cities continue to change, with population growth, urban development, and house prices influencing property ownership and lifestyle decisions. While the Great Australian Dream of a suburban house with backyard is still alive and well, this ideal is now just one of many possibilities. Whether it is an apartment in central Sydney, a share house in the middle-ring of Melbourne, […]

Grow Food not Lawns

May 31st, 2013

Urban farming is on the rise throughout the western world, with manicured lawns making way for vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and compost. Thanks to frugal spend ing habits, a health-conscious population, and growing environmental awareness; more people are getting out their gardening gloves and enjoying the wonders of sustainable living. While the practical benefits of growing food are just as […]

Soy Milk: Is it really good for you?

May 24th, 2013

Soy milk has become a dietary staple for many, along with a variety of soy related products. Once hailed as an excellent alternative to dairy, recently health risks including thyroid and hormonal problems have been brought to light, along with concerns regarding genetic modification. Is this media hype, or is soy not all it’s made out to be? Soy milk […]

The Future of Gaming Consoles

May 17th, 2013

Computer games are big business, with the global industry set to hit $70 billion by 2015. A number of new technologies have been announced for 2013, with Microsoft a nd Sony developing new consoles and a number of smaller companies competing for this lucrative market. Online technology continues to influence the development of gaming consoles, with once fixed features increasingly […]

Have you considered a self-managed super fund?

April 12th, 2013

A self-managed super funds gives you the greatest possible control over your money, but can also attract high running costs and a large investment of your time. Is this an option you would benefit from? The last five or so years have left many members of large superannuation funds less than impressed. The lackluster performance of local and international shares […]

Sell or Lease? What to do when you're ready to move on>

April 5th, 2013

So, you’re ready to move from your current property to your bigger and better new home. In the instance you don’t need to sell to fund the new property, is it worth keeping your current home as an investment? What are the advantages and pitfalls of this strategy? Property is a secure and stable investment in most instances, and can […]

Prefabricated Homes in 2013

March 29th, 2013

Prefabricated buildings have been around for more than a century, with a wide range of manufactured homes and garages available to purchase. Over the last few years however, the conversation surrounding prefab homes has become a lot more positive, due to environmental considerations and access to improved designs. The prefabricated home is very much alive and well in 2013, and […]