The Value of Incidental Exercise

July 13th, 2020
In a world defined by deliberate and organised action, sometimes the incidental things make all the difference. Incidental activity is a valuable form of daily exercise, with small incidental movements accumulating throughout the day as the result of your normal routine. While not a complete substitute for discipline and organisation, these small movements add up over time to improve your physical and mental health. Incidental exercise doesn’t happen at the gym, which makes it an ideal solution in a COVID-19 world. Incidental activity refers to any situation where you are active throughout the day. Rather than being a direct result of your discipline and time management skills, this type of activity is the result of your life choices. In some ways, incidental exercise isn’t ‘exercise’ at all, with this term typically used to define deliberate and planned activities performed to improve fitness levels. Instead, incidental activity happens as an indirect result of active, balanced, and healthy lifestyle choices. Examples of incidental exercise include mowing the lawn, playing with your kids, and walking the dog. This type of incremental daily activity is a great way to counter-balance the sedentary lifestyle, with excessive time sitting down on couches and computers known to…

Learning to Love Your Own Backyard

July 6th, 2020

As coronavirus restrictions continue around the globe, access to living space is shrinking as the world gets smaller and more localised. Whether it’s your town, your suburb, or your property, people have been forced to lower their horizons and spend time in the confines of their own backyard. Current restrictions are designed to place limits on novel experiences and minimise […]

Which Industries Need More Support

June 18th, 2020

As Australia’s COVID-19 recovery hits full steam, not all industries will respond at the same rate. While the property market has been impacted less than expected, and some industries are thriving in the new environment, others are likely to remain at standstill or worse for months to come. Hospitality is just starting to wake up, arts and event management will […]

House Prices Remain Resilient

June 15th, 2020

The health of the Australian property market is closely aligned with domestic and global economic conditions. While COVID-19 is sure to have an effect on prices and activity for months to come, the large and resilient nature of the market may be impacted by the pandemic less than originally thought. At the height of the health crisis, there were expectations […]

Your Home is your Gym

June 12th, 2020

Gyms across Australia and New Zealand have been shut over recent weeks, with outdoor fitness equipment and classes also limited until very recently. While everyone will be happy when their local gym opens for business, the pandemic has given people a unique opportunity to take control of their own fitness. From YouTube fitness classes to bodyweight routines and backyard workouts, […]

Psychology & Pressure in Sport

June 8th, 2020

Excelling at sport demands a potent combination of physical ability, mental ambition, and emotional stability. Conditioning your body to perfection is only half the battle, you also need a rock solid mental approach and the rare ability to deal with pressure in its many shifting forms. From Olympic athletes to world-class football players, the psychology of pressure in sport is […]

Pet World Records

June 1st, 2020

From cats and dogs to more exotic pets, animals add so much colour and joy to human lives. While all pets are special, some of our animal companions are a little more memorable than most. Record-breaking animals come in all shapes and sizes, from the world’s tallest dog to the loudest purring cat and a turtle that’s been around longer […]

The Real Unemployment Figures

May 20th, 2020

Australia’s unemployment figure rose to 6.2% in the latest announcement, with 600,000 jobs lost so far due to the coronavirus shutdown. Despite being the steepest monthly rise on record, according to many experts, the real shape of employment is much worse due to the artificial nature of the JobKeeper package, the record number of underemployed people, and the sharp rise […]

Commonwealth Bank Release Downturn Scenarios

May 20th, 2020

The economic effects of COVID-19 are starting to filter through to the housing market, with more pronounced effects likely in the weeks and months ahead. The Commonwealth Bank recently published data about the length and extent of the possible downturn, with two different scenarios released. According to the base case and best possible scenario, the Australian property market will fall […]

The Quarantine on Consumption

May 15th, 2020

Coronavirus has changed everything, which gives us a rare opportunity to re-evaluate our existing way of life. Social isolation is the new normal, more people are working from home, and even a trip to the supermarket is a major social outing. When something of this magnitude affects the entire world, there is an opportunity to emerge from the storm with […]

Mental Health Challenges in a Strange New Word

May 11th, 2020

Along with the acute health effects of COVID-19, the pandemic is associated with a number of long-term mental health challenges. Long periods of isolation, lack of activity, and large-scale anxiety are having a profound effect on people with existing mental health conditions. Worrying new symptoms are also arising for people without a history of mental illness, as everyone struggles with […]