Looking after your Joints with Exercise

September 12th, 2019
Everyone knows about the positive impacts of exercise, with cardio and strength routines able to improve your health and upgrade your quality of life. Getting regular exercise is not always easy, however, with lifestyle constraints and existing physical problems often getting in the way. It's important to work through these problems, however, with arthritis, painful joints and stiffness responding well to the right exercises.

While cardio and strength routines get all the attention, flexibility is even more important as you age. Regular stretching is one of the best ways to improve your flexibility gradually without risking injury. There is no single "best" stretching routine, with each person needing to find solutions based on their own mobility and joint problems. It's important to start slowly and increase your exercise as your mobility returns. Your joints do not exist in isolation, so remember to work on the muscles that surround your problem areas.

If you suffer from joint problems [...]

Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

September 5th, 2019
In order to deal with climate change, corporate greed and political inertia, a multitude of new energy solutions are required. While renewable solar and wind power is an important piece of the puzzle, scientists are also developing clever ways to capture existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into usable fuel. This transformative process almost sounds too good to be true, with “direct air capture” technology able to clean up the environment and produce eco-frie [...]

Wages Growth Remains Flat

August 22nd, 2019

Wages in Australia continue to flatline, with annual wage growth failing to make any real impact to living expenses and conditions on the ground. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the wage growth index was up just 0.6% for the June quarter, which gave it a modest increase of 2.3% for the year. Vast differences were also found […]

Signs of an End to the Housing Downturn

August 20th, 2019

Australian property prices may have reached the bottom, at least for the moment. Despite falling prices in some markets, the worst housing downturn in modern history may be coming to an end earlier than expected. CoreLogic’s monthly index has looked fairly positive over the last couple of months, with modest price rises in July adding to early increases in June […]

Why are Allergies on the Rise

August 8th, 2019

The world is becoming increasingly allergic to common foods, with children in particular likely to develop new allergies. When analysed on a global basis, the spread of allergies is far from even, with Western nations increasing at a much faster rate and specific countries much worse than others. While no-one knows for sure why allergy rates are increasing, a number […]

The Rise of the Microworker

August 5th, 2019

The world of work is changing all the time, with long careers less likely in the modern world and microwork opportunities coming to the foreground. Microwork is a series of small tasks that combine together to create a single unified project. Microworkers are normally employed in the technology sector, as a kind of virtual assembly line that flows between skill […]

The Definition & Creation of Liveable Cities

August 1st, 2019

Everyone wants to live in a location where life is easy to manage and stress levels are as low as possible. With most people in the Western world living in cities, politicians and town planners are constantly striving to create the most liveable conditions possible. From transportation and accommodation through to work and school opportunities, there are lots of things […]

Do Australian Property Buyers Need Agents

July 15th, 2019

Many real estate markets around the world utilise separate seller’s and buyer’s agents to make the transaction as seamless as possible for all involved. While there are exceptions, the Australian property market works on the basis that the seller has an agent but the buyer acts for themselves. While this can be beneficial in certain situations, having an agent in […]

House Prices Rise in Sydney for the First Time in 2 Years

July 12th, 2019

House prices have risen in Sydney for the first time in two years, with this small but significant upwards move possibly highlighting a near-bottom market. Market confidence is still on shaky ground, however, although lower interest rates and improved property sentiment since the election have increased the outlook. While this small bump in property values may not be much in […]

Fun Ways to Sell Your Home

July 8th, 2019

With the housing market in a bit of a slump at the moment, and sales figures subdued, creativity goes a long way towards clinching a sale. While clean white walls, a tidy yard, and a freshly made bed are all likely to make a good impression on potential buyers, some crafty sellers are prepared to go the extra mile. From […]

Video Games – Both Sport & Addiction

July 5th, 2019

Video games and video game culture continues to influence the wider world. More than a pastime for bored teenagers and lost adults, video games are now recognised as both a professional sport and a powerful form of addiction. This dichotomy highlights the complex relationship that exists between gamers and their favourite hobby, with video games best understood as a warped […]