Getting your home Ready for Isolation

March 16th, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is in full flight, with social distancing and isolation fast becoming the new normal. With new limits placed on social gatherings everyday and public spaces turning into ghost towns, living and working at home is the new reality for a growing number of people. Despite selfish behaviour at supermarkets, getting your home ready for isolation is about more than filling your pantry. Let's take a look at some practical advice to help you survive COVID-19 and do your bit to stop the transmission of this terrible disease.

First and foremost, it's important to approach this subject with clarity and compassion. While people in the western world are certainly not used to social isolation and other extreme health measures, spending a few days or weeks at home isn't really that bad. Preparation can help you to survive the pandemic in comfort, and who knows, maybe you'll even enjoy the downtime. While COVID-19 will place enormous economic pressures on a huge number of people, looking after your own health in your own space is the best way to be responsible for the wider community.

Having enough food to survive social isolation is paramount, but you don't have to be silly. If you need to isolate yourself due to a positive result or direct contact, it's important to make sure the cupboards are well-stocked. You don't necessarily need food for the entire period, however, with friends and family still able to drop off shopping for you and many delivery companies allowing food drop-offs without any personal contact. If you're practicing social distancing but not in complete isolation, you can still shop at supermarkets and other food stores.

Getting your home ready for isolation is not all about the kitchen, with people also needing things to do. If you can work from home, this is generally the best outcome for everyone. A huge range of jobs can be carried out online, and a growing number of employers are open to the idea of telecommuting. Each job is different, so talk to your boss and try to find a solution that works for you. While not everyone can work from home, even performing some of your duties remotely can help to flatten the curve. If you are stuck at home, due either to personal choice or obligation, it's important to stay calm and create the best environment you can.

Entertainment is important, even during a pandemic. Luckily, most people get their entertainment online these days, which means you don't need to visit the local video store or the council library. There's enough on Netflix to keep you busy for weeks, and plenty of old movies and games to keep you entertained. While the news is important, watching some light-hearted shows on occasion may help you to avoid panic. Exercise is also crucial, so do some aerobics, push-ups, or yoga to keep you fighting fit. Keep doing the activities you love in your home environment. Maybe, you can even start some new hobbies to make your life richer when this horrible pandemic comes to an end.