Getting Creative with your Kids at Home

April 6th, 2020
With many people in full lockdown mode due to the coronavirus, lots of us are stuck inside with the kids. While this situation can certainly be challenging and doesn't always run smoothly, there's a lot you can do to keep your kids entertained. Creative projects are a great way to spend some time, with even the simplest ideas likely to be embraced by your kids during this strange time. From recycled art projects and exercise play through to time-honoured board games, getting your kids away from their screens demands a little creativity.

We are living in a strange time, with school optional, day trips disallowed, and outdoor fun heavily constrained. Staying indoors and keeping your distance is the new normal, but this often leads to boredom and frustration. Regardless of their age or personality, children are free-spirited by default. They like to move around, to learn new things, to explore new places and see new sights. The trick at the moment, and it can be tough, is to bring this same sense of novelty and excitement to your everyday life.

Creative projects come in all shapes and sizes, from quick 15 minute sessions before dinner to entire afternoons sitting at the kitchen table. Choosing the right project is half the battle, so think about the time and resources you have available. When choosing a project, it's also important to pick something you will enjoy. Remember, if it's not fun for you, it probably won't be fun for them either. Choose a project, dedicate a space, and free up some time so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Recycled art projects can be lots of fun with younger kids, and if you're clever about it, you can even make them something to keep and play with after the task has been completed. Recycled trash robots are easy to make and lots of fun, with boxes, paint, and old electronic parts given a new lease of life. For other fun recycled craft projects, you could make simple music instruments, trash flower decorations, or great natural creations like moss balls, planting boxes, and hanging gardens.

However, while craft projects are a great way to spend valuable time with your kids, sometimes you don't want to get messy. When you're cooped up inside all day, physical activity is also important. Contrary to popular belief, exercise can be highly creative if you do it right. Conducting a mini aerobics or yoga class with your kids is not only super-cute, it also allows them to blow off some steam. You could also set up an obstacle course, make a fort, or build a cubby house from sheets. Improvised ping pong, indoor Bocce, and hallway 10-pin bowling are also possible when you use your imagination. ;

While it might induce rolled eyes or muted sighs among teenagers, good old-fashioned board games are still a great way to spend some time. You don't have to go full-Monopoly to have some fun, with even the simplest of games a great way to starve off the boredom. Pictionary is always fun, chess could become a new lifelong obsession, and games like snakes and ladders can be made yourself with nothing more than paper and pens. While there's bound to be some trying moments, the coronavirus is a great excuse to get creative and bond with the most important people in your life.