The Top Apps for Keeping Fit

February 15th, 2013

A great running app for beginners is
C25K, a program that promises to get couch potatoes running five kilometres in nine weeks. There are three sessions a week made up of walking and running, taking between 30 and 40 minutes each to complete.

If you're interested in making your life more active, take a look at
iTreadmill. This handy app turns your phone into a pedometer, tracking your daily steps while in your pocket or purse.

Ever wondered just how far your regular walk, run or bike ride is? Or perhaps you have a particular distance goal you are wanting to achieve?
MapMyRide will do the calculating for you. You can either chart your course using the online map, or leave your phone in your pocket as you exercise, while the app tracks your route.

you're looking to start lifting weights at home, you might like to take a look at
FitnessBuilder. While not cheap for an app, it packs in plenty of content. There are 200 workouts included, and FitnessBuilder will also select a workout for you based on your ability and goals. It's complemented with thousands of pictures and videos to help with technique.

If you're competitive by nature, you might consider a program like
Fitocracy. Part social network, part online game, Fitocracy awards users points for completing fitness activities. As you gain points, you gain levels, and are pitted against other users.

If you're looking to get your nutrition in order,
MyFitnessPal keeps tabs on all that you eat. You can search the extensive food database, or use the handy barcode scanner on prepackaged foods. MyFitnessPal keeps a records of your entries, letting you know if you're within your daily caloric goal.

There are also many simple and low cost apps that offer to make exercise a little more convenient.
Instant Heart Rate delivers on its name by measuring your heart rate using your phone's camera. Interval Trainer is another great app for those who undertake HIIT workouts, or strength training.

Whether or not these apps are effective in terms of increasing health and fitness lies within the individual. If you already have a phone full of applications, then it's a method that could work for you. Likewise, if you find you need a little bit of help with accountability, fitness apps could also be a useful tool.

Many applications are free, or low cost, so there is no harm in trying out a few that take your fancy, and seeing if they're right for you.