Household Smart Tech in 2015

February 6th, 2015
Technology continues to take over our homes, with a new range of appliances and gadgets released every month. The smart end of the household technology market was recently on display at CES 2015 in China, the biggest and most anticipated technology show of the year. From remote controlled lighting systems and Internet enabled appliances through to self-watering plant pots, the future is getting closer every day.

2015 looks like a big year for the smart home tech market as companies large and small fight for space in the modern home. ; Automation continues to be a major focus for product developers, as homeowners look to control all aspects of their domestic life through smartphones and Internet applications. ; While security and environmental control are the most obvious examples of home automation, everything from kitchen appliances to vacuum cleaners can be automated and controlled through technology.

The Nest Thermostat is a great example of this growing trend, a replacement for your regular thermostat that learns your routine over time and accepts control through a mobile app. ; Working with the Nest program and integrating with a range of other smart home products, this clever piece of technology promises to make your home the perfect temperature while also saving you money on energy bills. ; Water and humidity sensor products were also unveiled this year, making it easier than ever to avoid energy and water leaks.

The modern kitchen is also getting smarter, with app-controlled coffee machines, slow cookers, and refrigerators just some of the new products ready to hit the market. ; Most of these products allow you to set schedules via apps while also allowing you to calculate cook times and processes over the Internet. ; Coming home to a perfect slow cooked meal or waking up to a hot coffee is no longer a dream when you can control your kitchen with a few swipes of your mobile phone.

The Parrot Pot might seem like a solution for lazy people, but it's also a clever solution for plant lovers. ; This Bluetooth enabled plant pot measures soil moisture, ambient temperature, light exposure, and fertilisation, sending all that information to an app so you can keep an eye on your greenery wherever you are. ; Not only that, however, the Parrot Pot also comes with its own built-in water reservoir, with space for one month of water and enough smarts to give your plant exactly what it needs.

The Ring Video Doorbell is another product making a splash, a useful integration of doorbell and IP camera with a number of security benefits. ; A camera is activated when someone presses the doorbell, with a notification also sent via a custom app with a video feed attached. ; With two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, and battery power, this very smart doorbell lets homeowners pretend to be home and interact with couriers, or potential burglars, regardless of their location. ;

The Ring Doorbell is just one of a number of camera products announced at CES, with Nest also making a number of Dropcam products with mobile integration and cloud storage. ; Whether you're sitting on a beach in Fiji or working late at the office, these products make it easier than ever to see what's going on inside or outside your home. ; With other products and apps letting you manipulate temperature, turn up the fridge and even water the plants while you're away, homeowners have more control than ever before.