Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

October 9th, 2019
With summer approaching fast, there's never been a better time for some creative interior design tweaks. While few people have the time or budget to completely change their home each season, a few small adjustments will keep your home looking sharp and fresh. Summer is the time of light, heat, and celebration, with relevant interior design schemes able to align your home with the best aspects of the season. Let's look at some of the best interior design trends to look out for during the summer of 2019/20.

The natural world continues to influence the world of design, with dynamic and organic features able to transform any home. The days of geometric minimalism have created a hunger for all things curved and shapely, and there's no better time to celebrate nature than during summer. There are lots of ways you can open up to nature, including the use of wooden features and furniture, the inclusion of plants and greenery, and the use of windows and skylights to bring the outside in.

You don't necessarily have to put in new windows, with the removal of curtains and blinds or addition of lights and mirrors able to highlight the great outdoors. Rather than seeing your home as an escape from the big wide world, interior design is increasingly being used to open up space in order to take advantage of natural light and views beyond. On a micro scale, nature continues to inspire and inform curved furniture, mixed patterns, and those subtle feminine features needed to transform every house into a home.

While the days of minimalism are mostly behind us, the lessons learned from clean white walls and sharp masculine shapes continue to reverberate around the design world. Perhaps the most practical and beneficial effect of minimalism is the effect it's had on household clutter. While minimalist design has become over commercialised and uninspired in recent years, the principles that underpin the "less is more" approach are timeless. By treating "space" itself as something of value, you can learn to remove clutter and avoid excessive consumption.

Perhaps the best way to say goodbye to minimalism is to embrace colours, textures, and patterns. Rather than being "messy", bold furniture and decor is a great way to add an individual sense of style to every room. While the days of patterned wallpaper on every single wall are thankfully behind us, well considered feature walls can add something extra to your home. Perhaps the best antidote to commercial minimalism is art itself, with paintings and sculptures adding a personal touch like nothing else can. If your home is looking a little tired after the long cold winter, a few simple design flourishes will have it ready for the summer ahead. ; ;